VS Code – invalid version: is

Recently I noticed that some of my VS Code extensions weren’t working properly. Specifically, the ones that perform PHP linting and syntax checking. Opening up the VS Code developer tools showed this puzzling message: Activating extension failed: Invalid Version: is. I couldn’t find anything matching that online, and trying to debug it further didn’t revealContinue reading “VS Code – invalid version: is”

Control a Sphero RVR with bluetooth joypad

A while back I contributed to the Sphero RVR Kickstarter project. It arrived in time for Christmas allowing me to gift it to my daughter. Ostensibly this was a fun educational present for her, but it also doubled up as a present to myself. Everyone’s a winner. The RVR itself is an incredibly solid deviceContinue reading “Control a Sphero RVR with bluetooth joypad”