virtio_net virtio0 ens3: renamed from eth0

So while fumbling about on my VPS I somehow managed to disable all networking. Using the VPS console I noticed this in /var/log/syslog:

virtio_net virtio0 ens3: renamed from eth0

That doesn’t sound good. Sure enough, trying:

ifup eth0


Failed to bring up eth0

Certainly explains the lack of network.

After some digging about on the net I edited /etc/network/interfaces and changed all eth0 references to ens3. A quick reboot and everything is back in action.

I don’t know if it will revert back to eth0, or if this is the right action to take, but so far so good.

A follow-up note. After upgrading the kernel on my VPS I had to revert the above change as the device had gone back to eth0.

A Blog’s Weight

As a blog gets older it seems to become harder to publish anything new.

This may be a perception issue. In all likelihood it may just be my issue.

As you collect followers and likes you are more aware of your audience. You find yourself filtering ideas to appeal to this audience. What was once an easy process slows down.

Eventually you are mired in considerations and the blog seizes up. The effort required to write is more than you want to spend.

Is this photo good enough?

Is this topic interesting enough?

Are my witticisms in bad taste or make any sense?

Do I know what I’m talking about?

Is this insightful?

Do I want my colleagues to see this?

The blog’s weight becomes too much.

This is not specific to a blog and applies to other services. My attempts to use Facebook were aborted from the start as I’d somehow gathered a collection of friends, family, and colleagues, and just didn’t want to publish anything to all of them at the same time.

Anyway, new blog, new posts.