Author: John

  • VS Code – invalid version: is

    Recently I noticed that some of my VS Code extensions weren’t working properly. Specifically, the ones that perform PHP linting and syntax checking. Opening up the VS Code developer tools showed this puzzling message: Activating extension failed: Invalid Version: is. I couldn’t find anything matching that online, and trying to debug it further didn’t reveal […]

  • Salted Egg Flavour

    The picture says it all really. It’s not a flavour I would ever have considered adding to anything else. This snack may have me beaten.

  • Wrong is Yoda

    Like any profession, programming is full of things you should do, and things you shouldn’t. Some of these are passed-down experiences, and some are momentary fashions. One of the former is that you should write a conditional using Yoda notation. That is, instead of writing: if ( x == 1 ) You should write: if […]

  • LEGO Mario

    As I’m now able to experience a second childhood (i.e. I’ve carefully curated my daughter’s tastes to match my own) I thought that the new LEGO Mario was interesting. It’s a LEGO figure that takes two AAA batteries, has bluetooth, a speaker, and an OLED screen in the eyes, mouth, and stomach area. I think […]

  • The Last Of Us

    I don’t often buy games on release day (they’re far too expensive), but The Last Of Us was the only reason I bought a PlayStation in the first place. The Last Of Us 2 is the only reason I still have one. That’s my weekend sorted.

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