A clockwork tortoise, a magic tree, and The Beano

I’m not usually one for sentimentality. Most of the things from my childhood have been thrown away, lost, or have otherwise disappeared along the way. Saying that, while digging through boxes I came across some old books. These are books that are old enough, or memorable enough, to have survived the great Kindle purge of theContinue reading “A clockwork tortoise, a magic tree, and The Beano”

Using pv to view the progress of dd

If you use dd for any kind of copying you’ll know how it’s not exactly forthcoming with information and it’s hard to tell if it’s doing anything. Some versions of dd have a status=progress parameter that will output progress information. Sadly this doesn’t exist on the native MacOS version. An alternative way of showing progress informationContinue reading “Using pv to view the progress of dd”

virtio_net virtio0 ens3: renamed from eth0

So while fumbling about on my VPS I somehow managed to disable all networking. Using the VPS console I noticed this in /var/log/syslog: virtio_net virtio0 ens3: renamed from eth0 That doesn’t sound good. Sure enough, trying: ifup eth0 Returned: Failed to bring up eth0 Certainly explains the lack of network. After some digging about onContinue reading “virtio_net virtio0 ens3: renamed from eth0”