‘Fixing’ a Commodore 64

A while back I made a nostalgic impulse purchase on eBay and ended up with a Commodore 64 – a real breadbin style one, with no emulation in sight. This was my first ever computer and I have fond memories of playing countless games, waiting patiently for things to load from tape, and borrowing libraryContinue reading “‘Fixing’ a Commodore 64”

Fixing Sony A7 LCD delamination

I’m a big Sony camera fan, and I’ve been using an A7 for the past few years. Recently I noticed the rear LCD was showing a lot of patchy discolouration. It was starting to get very noticeable and distracting, and was only getting worse. It turns out the camera has a built-in screen protector, andContinue reading “Fixing Sony A7 LCD delamination”