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  • Salted Egg Flavour

    The picture says it all really. It’s not a flavour I would ever have considered adding to anything else. This snack may have me beaten.

  • LEGO Mario

    As I’m now able to experience a second childhood (i.e. I’ve carefully curated my daughter’s tastes to match my own) I thought that the new LEGO Mario was interesting. It’s a LEGO figure that takes two AAA batteries, has bluetooth, a speaker, and an OLED screen in the eyes, mouth, and stomach area. I think […]

  • The Last Of Us

    I don’t often buy games on release day (they’re far too expensive), but The Last Of Us was the only reason I bought a PlayStation in the first place. The Last Of Us 2 is the only reason I still have one. That’s my weekend sorted.

  • Lion protection

    My daughter found one of her old baby toys and decided that it needed some protection.

  • Repurposing

    One effect of the current situation is that a great many things are being repurposed. Here’s GAIL’s (I don’t know why it is capitalised) setting aside the cafe side of their business and going all out on baking bread.

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